Adult Education

Here is a list of the Sunday School classes at FCPC. Sunday School starts at 9:30 am every Sunday. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 688-2163.

Dr. Andy Morgan - This special Bible Study will begin February 6th and end on March 6th. (There will be a congregational meeting on February 13th during the Sunday School hour.) Andy's topic is "Four Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know" and will explore words that you may know as those you may not. Throughout the class we will explore stewardship, the mystery of God, the meaning of peace and the hopes of our own agency in the world as followers of God. The class will meet in the Fellowship Hall.

College Class - (meets at 11:30) This class is for college age students. Its goal is to help young adults develop a mature ownership of their faith through a rediscovery of the tenets of Christianity from an increasingly adult perspective. Location: Youth Room in the Chapel basement. Contact Person: Mike Riehl (

Good News Class - This is a group of older adults, both couples and singles, who enjoy a wide-range discussion in which varying opinions are welcome. Recent studies have included a study of the theology and history of the church v. The Da Vinci Code, Life from the Upside, and The Top Ten List for Christians. The class supports a child in the Children’s Shelter of Cebu (Philippines), one or more Christmas projects, and other needy persons or groups. Socials are scheduled for the fourth Saturday of each month and include covered-dish suppers, brunches, picnics in the mountains, and restaurant trips. Location: Room 207 (Second Floor of the Brandon Education Building) 

Disciple Too Class - This group is open to all ages. We study Christian life and disciplines of faith by reading from the Bible and other books. We enjoy our fellowship and support each other in our faith journey. New members are welcome! Location: Room 307 (Third floor of Brandon Education Building) 

Library Class -This class is a group of young adults, single, married, with and without children. We look at various Bible study books and try to discern how God is working in our lives. Location: Library (2nd floor) 

Collier Class - This class is made up of a congenial group of people with varying age ranges with an interest in Bible study. The class selects our studies usually from a book of the Bible and we have a lecture/discussion format. Our studies are Bible and Scripture orientated. Location: Room 302 (Third Floor Brandon Education Building)

Fireside Class - This group studies various topics and Bible lessons. It is an open discussion-type class with a leader guiding the lesson. This class is composed of couples ranging in their 30’s-40’s. Adult socials are held at various times during the year. Location: Fireside Room (Third Floor Davis Education Building)