2024 Stewardship

Renew, Reconnect, Reimagine, Recreate

Greetings, church family!

As we embark on our 2nd century in service to the congregants of Fountain City Presbyterian Church and the members of the Fountain City community, we find ourselves at a time of transition and one of incredible opportunity.  While the transitions are many – initiating our second hundred years, beginning the search for a new permanent pastor, and continuing to understand the evolving needs of our community – the opportunity for self-reflection and focus-of-mission is unique and exciting.  In that spirit, the theme for this year’s campaign is Renew. Reconnect. Reimagine. Recreate.  We feel that this theme captures the excitement of the opportunity laid before us, and challenges us to rise to the occasion with the creativity, openness, and positive attitude neccesary to achieve the needs of the moment.

The Centennial Celebration of 2023 has been an enormous success!  While we have maintained our regular programming, we have introduced new offerings for worship, fellowship, and mission, and this creativity has strengthened our church for the present and future.  2024 offers us a chance to build on this momentum, but we cannot do it without your support in terms of time, talent, and finances.

Coupled with this letter is a financial commitment card for 2024.  Please complete and return it to the church by either placing it in an offering plate, returning to the church office, or completing the online form avaialbe thorugh the QR code on the card by December 10.  Providing an estimate-of-giving is essential for planning the coming year in the life of our church.  Please prayerfully consider your contribution to the general fund, knowing that it will not only help fund the creative vision of the future, but also support the congregational and pastoral care, worship services, and missions we have come to know and love as part of Fountain City Presbyterain Church.  Should you need to revise your estimate-of-giving during 2024, you can do so at any time by contacting Tammy Reed, our bookkeeper.  Undoubtedly, 2024 will be a year of transition, but with God’s ever present help and your continued support, we will embrace and meet its challenges with the creativity required.

Together, we are the hands and feet of Christ.



The Stewardship Team