Joining the Church

Why Join FCPC? 

At Fountain City Presbyterian Church, we welcome all people to participate fully in worship, educational programs, fellowship opportunities, service and missional endeavors, and any other gathering of the church. There is no membership barrier between any person who is interested in the offerings of the church. So why join?

Active Membership at FCPC

Although full participation is welcomed and encouraged for all people, regardless of membership status, membership allows for the incredible next step of church leadership. At FCPC, we believe that God both equips and calls women and men to all facets of church leadership and membership opens this door in one’s faith journey. Membership allows for a person to discern their gifts and serve the church in a meaningful way through committee leadership as well as the possibility of being elected as a ruling elder. Additionally, members have the right to vote on important issues of the church in congregational meetings. At FCPC, membership is not about adding a number to the church role, but rather about opening a door for the next step on one’s faith journey.

Interested in joining the church? 

If you feel led to take the next step in your faith journey by joining the church, the steps are easy! 

  • First step: Contact the pastor and let them know that you are interested in taking this important step. The pastor will ask whether you will be transferring your membership from another church or joining for the first time; in either case, the process is simple and the church will take care of the logistics.
  • Second Step: You will have a brief meeting with FCPC’s elders, known as the Session, to get to know you and determine how to best connect and deepen your relationship with Christ through the church. The Session will vote on your membership and you will officially become a member of FCPC!
  • Third Step: If you choose, you will be briefly recognized in worship in order that the church can celebrate you and the gifts that you bring to FCPC.

Ready to join the church, then make an appointment with Pastor Carl.