Adult Sunday School

Collier Corner Class

The class meets on the third floor in generally the northwest corner on the Gresham Road side of the education building. The class has historically studied Books of the Old and New Testament but occasionally studies the works of modern theologians and Christian authors such as Marcus Borg, N.T Wright, and Phillip Yancey among others. It is made up of older members of the church but all ages are welcome.

Disciple Too

Our group has a wide range of participants in age- young and experienced, singles, couples, and people at all stages of their faith journey.  We always study something that is related to the scripture, whether it is a specific book of the Bible (for instance we did an in-depth study on Hebrews and currently studying John) or a topic study (past studies have been Ten Commandments, parables, spirituality, grace, Apostles Creed).  We always have a study related to and during Lent and Advent.  We have favorite authors we have studied and they are diverse.  We take turns facilitated the discussion.  All are welcome to participate in actively sharing and/or actively listening.  All are welcome!

Voice of the People

Carl Snow leads a class for adults in which the class explores deeper aspects of our faith. The class has studied theology through the Book of Confessions as well as in-depth Bible studies that help the members of the class be better equipped to interpret the Bible themselves. We approache the class thoughtfully to provide substantive topics and conversations that help people to feel that they learned, were challenged, and grew in their faith.

Good News

Good News is composed of mature adult Christians. Our teacher Janice Hickman faithfully leads the class in faith formation each Sunday. We engage in studies throughout the year on topics of the Old and New Testament, book studies and video series to encourage meaningful faith conversations for all participants. We also value fellowship opportunities as an important way that we love and care for one another as people of faith.