Adult Sunday School

Collier Corner Class

For some time now the Collier Corner Class has used a quarterly Bible study called The Present Word. Each quarter contains studies in the Old and New Testaments. As described by the publisher, the emphasis is on the Bible as the primary source of understanding the meaning of the Christian faith. The objectives of the series are to help people increasingly know the content of the Bible, to understand its message, and to be aware of God’s self disclosure, especially as revealed in Jesus Christ. Don Grogan and Daryl Fansler currently lead the class, sometimes alternating and sometimes together.  The class meets on the third floor, above the Greeting Room.

Disciple Too

Disciple Too is a spinoff from numerous Disciple Bible study series from years past. The class typically has a book study based on themes or books of the Bible, many with video presentations by the authors. Recent topics/books have included the Apostles Creed, Ten Commandments, as well as the books of Hebrews and Acts. Recent authors/scholars have included Amy Jill Levine, Adam Hamilton, Matt Skinner, and Tim Keller. The class typically does a seasonal study during the seasons of Lent and Advent and will be starting a Lenten series in February based on the Psalms. All age groups are represented and welcome. The class meets on the third floor two doors from the choir room and starts around 9:30 with congregational prayer requests and concerns. To repeat, all are welcome to join.  Harry Ogden leads this class.

Voice of the People

This is the church’s youngest Sunday School class. They are devoted to the in-depth study of God (they call it “getting in the weeds”) though any means they find engaging (a lot of discussion) and exciting. They just started a study of the book of Proverbs which has “been a blast” to learn and discuss.  Carl Snow currently leads this class which meets in the Library

Good News

The Good News Class enjoys a wide range of discussion topics, in which divergent opinions are welcome.  They study books of the Bible, such as Luke, by Adam Hamilton, and our current study of the Pentateuch, Reading the Old Testament Through Jewish Eyes, by Rabbi Evan Moffic.  Other subjects are Bible personalities like Joseph, the patriarch, and the prophet Jeremiah; and topical studies such as Questions Jesus Asked and Questions Christians Aren’t Supposed to Ask.  All of these are focused on the Bible.

  • Janice Hickman teaches the class, as she has for over 50 years.
  • The class supports members Joe and Linda Schnorr in their missionary ministry Threads of Hope in Belize, an annual high school scholarship for a Belize student, the Fountain City Ministry Center, Grandma’s Pajamas, Mission of Hope through bicycles, Lakisha Johnson’s ministry for the homeless, and others as need arises.
  • The Good News Class stresses support of their members in times of need with timely email and telephone contact, prayers, and recovery meals.  Monthly socials include covered-dish suppers, brunches, picnics, and restaurant trips.
  • Visitors and new members are welcome.  They meet in room 207, across the hall from the pastor’s office.