Virtual Worship

Streaming Worship Services

Beginning in July of 2020, FCPC began streaming worship services for the first time. Since that time, we have been blessed to connect with and worship with Christians from coast to coast, former members who have moved, and individuals who are checking out FCPC to determine fit. We are grateful for all of these ways and reasons to connect.

At FCPC, we believe that live-streamed worship is as holy and faithful as in-person worship. We believe that, in the same God’s Spirit gathers the Church in every time and place, that same Spirit connects and binds us (even through cyberspace!).  

Virtual Worship

At FCPC, we believe that worshiping God is what we were put on this earth to do! Worship can take shape anywhere and we believe that technology helps to broaden our worship participation in new and exciting ways. We also recognize that worshiping in the same place you live, using the same device that you use for work and streaming shows can feel a bit odd. We believe that worship should feel different and set-aside and the following tips might help your virtual worship experience feel more holy. 

Tips for Virtual Worship

Find a dedicated space in your home/room/place of work for worship and keep it clean of clutter. Even the process of cleaning or tidying before virtual worship helps to prepare us for an important time with God and our church family.

Develop a ritual that marks the beginning and end of virtual worship. Living and worshiping in the same space can be a challenge and we know that it might be easy to fold laundry or cook while worshiping, but doing so might detract from the separateness and deliberateness of worship. It might be helpful to develop a ritual to mark the beginning of worship, such as lighting a candle. When you do this, perhaps you may decide to stop doing work around the house, texting, or taking phone calls so that you may be fully present. At the conclusion of the worship service, you may blow out the candle or find some other ritual to mark the conclusion of your service in order to preserve the important feeling of the intentionality of worship before moving back into your domestic or work routine.

Pull up a bulletin and the online giving page. Worshiping is far more than hearing the sermon. At FCPC, we believe that active worship is holy and using the bulletin and online giving page can help facilitate the activeness of worship. First, the bulletin contains liturgy, hymns, and even announcements. We suggest you use the bulletin and participate fully in the service. Second, we believe our financial commitments to the church are important ways to reinforce our recognition of Jesus Christ as Lord as well as our commitment to the church. Pulling up the online giving page might be a great way for you to support the church financially during the time of offering.

“All” means all. At FCPC, we worship using call and response liturgy. This ensures that worship is a communal effort and all voices are necessary and heard. Worship would not be complete without your voice! As peculiar as it might feel, we believe that speaking these words out loud is important to remind those who are worshiping virtually that they are part of the worshiping body.

Interact with the worship service by commenting or liking. At certain times in the worship service there are opportunities for interaction between those who are worshiping in person. This might take the form of passing the peace to one another or sharing a prayer request. We believe that commenting or other forms of virtual interaction instill the important truth that virtual worshippers are fully part of the worshiping body. 

If you have a question, just ask. Our livestream team is here to help you and address any questions you might have. From submitting a prayer request to helpful feedback about the audio or video quality, please comment in the comment box and our livestream team will address your question or concern promptly.