What to Expect

Visit FCPC

Visitors to FCPC often note that they immediately feel welcomed and comfortable while worshiping at FCPC. FCPC is a friendly church where lifelong friends gather as well as new faces find a welcoming place. In order for you to be comfortable and feel at home at FCPC, we hope the following pieces of information might help you better know what to expect.

Sunday Schedule:
Sunday School @ 9:30am
Worship @ 10:30 am

Where do I park?

We have a parking located on the corner of Holbrook Drive and Hotel Road. There is also handicap street parking available on Gresham Road.

Where to enter the sanctuary?

You may enter through the main doors at the front of the church. We also have handicap accesible parking and access via Gresham Road.

What should I wear?

You will find a variety of attire at FCPC. Some might be wearing suits and dresses while others might be wearing t-shirts and jeans. We encourage you to come as you are and wear attire that you feel comfortable wearing. You will find no judgment here.

What is worship like?

At FCPC, we consider our worship to be casual and traditional. There are traditional elements of worship like physical bulletins and hymnals, responsive reading, an organ and piano, and a traditional sanctuary interior. We believe that worship is central to the life of a Christian and, for members of FCPC, these traditional elements of the worship experience help to connect worshippers to God and one another in an intentional way. We do not have video screens or monitors or a stage at FCPC. While we recognize that some may find such worship environments stimulating, we choose to rely on traditional elements to connect in worship. 

Along with traditional elements of worship, we believe that our worship is casual and inviting. FCPC is a place where people are greeted and welcomed enthusiastically, you may hear jokes (some even being funny) during announcements or the sermon, lay members lead in worship by serving as liturgists, and our music style is inviting. 

We believe that 100 years of practice has led FCPC to be a place where traditional worship is approachable and welcoming. We hope that you will feel the same sense of richness and comfort in worship.

How long are sermons?

Sermons are an important aspect of worship but not the entirety of worship itself. You will find that sermons are thoughtful, well-researched, and delivered with skill by our pastor. Typically, a sermon at FCPC is between 15-20 minutes and delivered from behind the pulpit.

What is worship music like?

Music at FCPC is incredible! We have a talented music director and staff as well as a committed choir who lead music at FCPC. The music at FCPC is a mix of classic hymns to more contemporary music and we believe that everyone can find something they love to hear and sing. The choir leads the congregation in congregational singing, giving everyone a chance to lift their voice and make a joyful noise to the Lord!

Alongside an inviting mix of sung music, FCPC employs a number of instruments in worship to elevate the worship experience including: a piano, organ, violin, trumpet, and drum. These instruments, and others, help the music in worship be refined as well as inviting.

How long is the worship service?

While someone might find cause to hang around after worship to fellowship with new friends, our worship services typically last one hour or less. 

Are children welcomed in worship?

Children are well-loved at FCPC! We encourage families to make the best decision for themselves regarding how to incorporate their children into the life of worship. We have special rocking chairs for parents of young children who choose to stay in worship. We also have a children’s sermon and children’s worship bags to facilitate a more enjoyable worship experience for children. We also recognize that some families may not be ready for their children to be in worship and, for those families, we have professionally staff childcare available on Sunday mornings during worship. 

What is the Passing of the Peace?

Passing the Peace is a Christian practice that dates back to the early church, when worshipers would share the peace of Christ with each other as an act of hospitality and reconciliation. During the passing of the peace in our worship, many folks move throughout the sanctuary to offer handshakes, hugs, high-fives, etc. as an expression of that peace. Feel free to do so as well, or comfortably remain where you are for this part.

What happens after worship?

We have a casual fellowship time after worship that is a great opportunity to chat more with us. We welcome and encourage you to join us for as long as you would wish to stay.